Rental Solutions

As B.M.Canon, we have been providing services for office machines since 1994, especially for copiers and printers.

In recent years, in order to reduce the increased spendings of office infrastructure, especially for corporate companies,more specifically multifunctional printers, to meet the needs of office products we provide rental solutions to apply.

Why Print Rental Solutions?

 Due to cost of general maintenance costs of the office products ,your office expenses increases.

As cooperation, if you want to decrease the maintanance costs of office products, look at our rental solutions.

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Per Copy Rental

It is the kind of agreement made between our company and you based on a certain number of copies per month. In this type of agreement, you pay us a fixed fee for a certain number of copies, and if you are passed the number of copies, you will pay the fee determined on the copy contract. With this service, toner, cartridge costs are not your problem, it is totally up to us. Stop to pay for the machine and make no investment cost and stop to think about resolving possible technical failures.

Rent Fee+Per Copy Rental Solution

This method differs from Per-Copy by a certain monthly rental fee for the machine and a certain fee according to the name of the copy you take. We are also responsible for consumables and technical failures as is the case of Per-Copy rental solution.

Our Rental Solutions

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SalesSupport Services

Apart from our rental solutions, our Sales team is at your service to meet your various needs, such as Printers, Multifunction products and projection machines ....


We are here for your all technical issues.

If you are tired of the technical problems that arise in your office products, we are here to provide solutions. With technical support contracts for technical support of your office products, it is our job to take the maintanance of your office-products ...

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